kelmcwalk(9)March 10, 2004

I am curious if anyone has tried ant of the natural biological fungus for any fungal pathogens and if so what were the results? I am refering to ones such as Trichoderma harzianum or Trichoderma atroviride or Streptomicies, Thanks for any responses.


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You are speaking of a new organic product known as RootShield which effectively controls botrytis, pythium type disease problems. The growers are raving about it. Any gardeners experiencing these types of problems should do a Search on RootShield and consider buying it. It is applied around the root zone when planting or sticking cuttings.
Note: Cornmeal used as a fungicide does trigger growth of some of the beneficial trichoderma.

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Thank you for replying, but no I wasn't speaking of only Root Shield which is Trichoderma harzianum, but of others too such as MycoStop which is a Streptomyces and Plant Helper which is a patented Trichoderma atrovirde. Do you know what crops they are using them on ( the growers that are raving)

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As I understand the situation, some of these were developed by the Geneva Experiment Station which is a branch of Cornell. A highly reputable research institute. It is mostly the greenhouse growers of geraniums and other tender annuals who are raving about these products. However, I am also told that they may be used as a spray on mature plants/shrubs. If you are fighting any of the problems for which these new products were developed it certainly is worth giving them a try. They are considered organic. Beyond that I can't be of much help to you. Perhaps you should post your question on the Professional Forum where you may find some growers with experience in the subject.

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Sorry for this question but...
Would this product be effective on black knot fungal infections (Apiosporina morbosa)?

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I have found on the internet that Trichoderma is an accelerator for compost decompostion.
Does anyone know the process of multiplying this fungus.
I have collected some Tichoderma harzianum from some decomposing wood from a forest near me. It is in the form of a white fungus in the wood.
I would like to multiply the fungus so I could use it in my composting process.
Now that I have the wood containing the Trichoderma, what would be the next step so I could have this in a liquid so I could bottle it and have it on hand?

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