pomme8916March 18, 2007

i know starwberries from the store are hybrids and will not come true to seed! i am just curios as to how do i germinate the seeds from the ones you buy at the store? has anyone tried this? i dont cre what they look like. just want to germinate them.

any help is aoreciated thanks


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Strawberry seeds are easily separated from ripe fruit by placing them
in a household blender with a cup of water and blending at high speed for
just a few seconds. (Not too long, or the seeds may be damaged). The good
seeds will settle to the bottom, and the fruit pulp and unripe seeds will
float. Wait a minute or so for the seeds to settle, and pour off the
liquid. The seeds can then be rinsed or scraped out and allowed to dry on
a paper towel.

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Forgat to write that strawberry seeds need a month or so of cold to germinate. Put the seeds in the freezer for a month before planting. Sprinkle seeds on the surface of the soil, add a dusting of fine sand over them and place in a warm environment.

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