EC, PH and Nutrient Formulas

orgmacdonaldNovember 24, 2011

I know tables and suggestions have been posted over and over but one last time, what EC/nutrient formulas are people targeting for their plants?

I'm trying a variety plants including hot peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, sweet pepers, summer squash, egg plant, and a few other herbs.

My issue is I'm trying to get by with 2 reservours. 1 targeted towards bloom/flowering and the other for veg.

I know that hard numbers are difficult at best to state and that real stats would best be determined by experimentation but I would like to see where the consensus lies.

For example, are people maxing out at 2 e.c. for peppers?

Are you switching to a higher "bloom" formula when buds start? Are you treating hot peppers, like Bhuts, differently than Bells? Is 2 e.c. too low for mature determinate tomatoes? What about day neutral strawberries? Bloom formula once flowers appear or stick with a higher N nutrient formula?

Sorry for the long post, but my goal is to put mature peppers, tomatoes, and possible strawberries in the same system feeding from same reservoir. So, what do you say? Let's get some numbers...

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So here's what I'm currently running...anything look too low or way too high?

System 1 - Bloom formula (Pure Blend Pro)
Flowering Bhuts, Polbig tomatoes, and summer squash
PH 6.0
EC 2.0
I realize this may be a little high for the peppers, but is it high enough for tomatoes?

System 2 - Grow formula (Pure Blend Pro)
Strawberries, romaine, spinach, basil, green onions
PH 6.0
EC 1.5

The room temp is about 78-80 day and 65-70 at night.
1 600 watt light over each grow area (3'x4').

Has anyone successfully grown tomatoes at an ec of 2?
Other posts seem to range from 3-5 which seems too high for anything else i'm growing. Any suggestions for the strawberries related to bloom/grow formulas or ec level?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Let's try and keep it to actual numbers people are using/targeting and skip the links to suggested values.

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