I Want To Make A Hosta Statement

hostaLes(5)June 13, 2012

My house faces the street on the North side of the street. I have no trees to shade it in the morning until around mid-day. So virtually all of my hostas can't be seen from the street by people walking or driving by.


So yesterday I came up with a plan that began several years ago when I planted Sum & Substance to the right of my front stoop. But even this sun tolerant hosta didn't get enough shade and scorched. So it will have to be moved.

I have Sagae to the left of my entrance and it is doing fine. Farther to the left I have more shade and it is here I am planting the Empress Wu I'd bought yesterday. Between it and Sagae will be the new home for sum & Substance next spring when it is just breaking dormancy.

With my 35 foot wide house, Sagae, Sum & Substance and Empress Wu should get peoples attention, eh?

I would be interested to see photos of others soft-scapes that feature very large hostas in a similar way; kind of how a house could be dressed in hostas so that it will make a fashion statement.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


You probably have a spigot somewhere nearby. Rig up a small drip system. The S&S should be fine with enough water. Sagae will be fine as well. The only one I'd be worried about is the Empress in that much sun. But give it a try. Let us know how it goes. Buy the biggest specimens you can find. I would also divide some of that Lady's Mantle around the front and use it as spacing in between the Hosta while they fill in. Sounds like a great plan. Go for it.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

With those big impressive-sized hosta in front of your house, how can you fail to make an impression on passerbys! You must give us photos as they grow--and grow--and grow! I think your plan sounds good.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


==>>> then why do you have grass out front..

get rid of it all.. and plant 100 hosta..

now there is a statement.. not some 3 lousy hosta ..

crimminey man.. focus.. who needs grass??


ps: and it looks like i see grass in the back yard.. whats that all about???

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bernd ny zone5(5)

My experience with H.'Empress Wu' was that sun even with regular overhead watering in a vegetable garden will burn it, did it in 2010. I loves my shade, latest measurements are 35H x 68W, 9 eyes, leaf 13x19, planted in 2010 as 2-3 eyes plant - warning : provide a lot of space. In another 5 yrs will be Empress Gozilla.

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Ken-I have a plan on my drawing board where all that grass in back will be GONE. When I get home I'll scan it and post it. But Rome wasn't built in one day, particularly on social security income. LOL As far as the grass up front, there isn't much since I don't spend money on lawn keeping. Or lawn watering when there are hostas to be watered. But it is a grade up from asphalt.

If Wu doesn't work out I'll try something else. The way my Blue Angels are growing in back they are about to hide the trunk of the walnut tree. The place where I plan to plant the Wu is the shadiest available.


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