Trying to change Little Lamb's nature ...

ditasAugust 16, 2010

Hello - It's been a while since I last posted. I thought that there is something to be learned from my attempt at trying to change *Nature*.

The pix I'm posting will speak better about my experiment. A few friends in this forum, may remember my efforts at trying to get Little Lamb to grow more up-right or at least lift him off the floor of river rocks. I severely prune him to just his tall center canes & bundled them, to see what creature he turns out to be.

I think I'll have to tip my hat off to NATURE ... experiment failed ... I was warned but had to see for myself!!! LOL

Any ideas for next season anyone? TIA

Here is a link that might be useful: Little Lamb Now & Then

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I don't think it's a bad result, to be honest. The weeping habit is interesting. I would keep at it. Prune back to your main leaders, and let them thicken up - the more years they have on the, the stronger they'll be. Kudos for at least trying.

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I gave up on Little Lamb this year after 4 seasons of unsuccesfull attempts to give it a shape.
Seems like it more fitted for the mass planting than for the solitary speciman.

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Thank you for responding unprof.- I should have taken shots to show how *not so interesting* he really is. His top is really more like an unruly nest not even a dinosaur would lay on. Each of the 7 tall center canes, produced 3 long stems & a few secondaries that decorated themselves w/ humongous (10" to 12") blossom clusters. LOL! As you saw in the pic. Previously described once as *Gamboling Little Lambs* ... I think more like ... Lumbering Rams!!!
Hi George - so glad you chimed in - I really was going to add a PS especially to ask how yours did ... so I got my curiosity answered ... did you have to dig him up like Ostrich did & gave away?

I was thinking of your 2 friends .. 1 who pruned to a round bush & the other friend decided to let his/her grow as nature dictated ... 'wonder if you have pix of those specimens?

Many thanx again!!!

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Hi it's me again - I wonder if anyone else have 6y/o or older Little Lamb ... how did you manage keeping him to produce *gamboling Little Lambs" rather than the *lumbering lazy rams* pulling all the canes down?

If I severely prune the whole shrub down to a foot this Fall or early Spring, I wonder if he'll turn into a decent looking creature by bloom time?

May I please see pix? TIA, very much! ~Â;)

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I have a plant that is around 5 years old and it looks great. The first few years the plant was floppy but it is now strong and holding the blooms up well. I do not prune the plant back hardy at all - rather I just shear it back in early spring to remove the old flowers. I also cut out and of the very small stems.

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Hi Duncan - I'd love to see pic of your unpruned LL as I'm truly in a quandary on what to do to this, supposedly *Little* guys, either lazily laying on the floor or gamboling in the breeze!!!

I'd hate to say ... *I gave up* on a challenge. LOL

If you have taken a peek at the pics I posted, does yours look like mine in the previous years?

Appreciate your response!!! Â;)

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