A columnar garden

anney(Georgia 8)March 8, 2006

Here's a nifty way to grow some veggies in a small space, maybe a fun kids' recycling project.

Make a 3' high x 4' circumference column out of chicken wire. Line the chicken wire column with cardboard and set it so the open ends are up and down. Then place a 4" PVC pipe in the middle of the chicken wire column and fill it with builder's gravel or other porous material that will not harm plants. Keeping the pipe steady, fill the space between the PVC pipe and the cardboard wall with (fertilized) growing soil. (Another person could help with this part.) Carefully lift up and remove the PVC pipe. The porous gravel in the middle is where you water the column of soil. (If you used 4" perforated PVC pipe, you probably wouldn't have to remove it but could just pour water into the pipe itself.)

Finally, cut slits in the cardboard for plants, spiralling from top to bottom. Set your plants into the soil through the slits, keep things watered in the middle, and watch them grow.

Here is a link that might be useful: Journey to Forever -- Details about the growing column

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

Oh what a cool idea, and the link is pretty cool too. Thanks for sharing it.

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gemfire(z9/10 AZ)

I wonder how strawberries will do on something like this?
Looks like a neat idea, would love to give it a try.

Thanks for sharing,


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