Human vitamins for plants

tony_k_orlando(Z9 Fl)March 1, 2004

I read on here that someone uses vitamins dissolved in water for their plants. Anyone know the results and the dosage?

I dissolved two generic centrum type in one gallon of water and plan on mixing it into 2 gals before trying it. I plan on starting my test on some weeds unless someone can help with the ball park dosage.



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Tony can't say as I've tried that, but since you say that your goin to experiment, why dont you use 1 tablet on one weed and then 2 on another and so on. Well to tell you the truth, now that I think of it.I think the correct way to go about it would be to take cuttins of 1 weed (genetically the same) and then do the experiment with different ratios.Then you'd have done it all scientifly I'd say.It should take about say 3 weeks to do .Please post if you decide to go that route.If you have the time I'd go with different vits too and ratios ,then you could feel like Doctor Frankenstein (LOL).

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tony_k_orlando(Z9 Fl)


What I have done is dissolve 2 vitamins in a gallon of water. I had one lone tomato seedling in a cup that has sprouted long after the others are already in the ground.

I have been watering it daily with the straight mix and so far nothing bad is happening, nor can I say anything good either, but this is the start.

Seeing how nothing has happened (yet) to the seedling I expanded to other plants and hope to see something useful happen.

If this all shows no problem, I will then do tests in the future to see how many vitamins is TOO MANY an come up with an average dosage.

This may or may not work at all.

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You know what Tony, maybe I'll do the same test(but with diff vits) when I can get to go out side(still very cold up here in the north burrrrrrr).I'll keep lookin to see how your doin .And I'm sure 1 of these others can tell you of there experiments.I am only a little knowledged when it comes to growin stuff but it does enterest me none the less.Is this just to see what happens or are u tryin to achieve something else(a miriacle drug for plant growth or disease protection?It really does'nt matter does it ,its still fun just to see huh.Maybe you could mix vits in the future and come up with your own magic in the bottle that would be neat huh.See ya around Tony good luck in your experiments and keep it green.Jungle Fever(O).

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captstinky(9 WCentral)

I've usedthe mix from this reference, not sure if it tells you anything for established plants, Tony. I would think that other sources would be more economical for growing any number of mature plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: plant and vitamins

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

There is an interesting chapter in the history of horticulture about vitamines and plants. There was a time when on one knew exactly what vitamines were are what they did (hence names like A, B, etc.). So people were trying everything with vitamines. Someone determined that vitamine B-1 was a rooting hormone. It was later discovered that a rooting harmone was an impurity in the old B-1 preparations.

I said all that to say this, you might have better results with "natural" or "organic" vitamines. The really pure pills-for-humans might not work so good in your experiments.

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byron(4a/5b NH)

NC has banned the sale of fertilizers advertizing that vitamins help plant growth,

Dragon Brand starter formula includes B-1

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I don't know about vitamins, but I saw a doctor on tv say that his wife puts 1/4 viagra tablet in water for to keep flowers fresh longer. Things to make you go hmmmmm.


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tony_k_orlando(Z9 Fl)


Reason must be so the husband has less to take .... at some 10 bucks a pop, no pun intended, them must be some special flowers!

leave it to wives

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Vitamin B1 is reputed to help a transplanted shrub recover from shock and heal any wounding to the root structure. It's probably of most use for plants grown in pots. It must be done immediately after the transplanting - next day is a waste of time and vitamin.

Personally, I prefer the cup of sugar to a couple of gallons of water, dissolve, add freshly potted plant and leave for a while, then drain.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

LOL about the friends Mom in Mexico puts one birth control pill on each of her roses, the roses are gorgeous. But daughter says Mom sends her to the pharmacy for the pills and she's getting quite a reputation cause she's not even married. Well, whatever works for you!

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Viagra use for plants is not a joke; this is a serious scientific report:
"Viagra (sildenafil citrate) is good not only for treating male impotence. Israeli and Australian researchers have discovered that small concentrations of the drug dissolved in a vase of water can also double the shelf life of cut flowers, making them stand up straight for as long as a week beyond their natural life span."

Here is a link that might be useful: Here is a link that might be useful: Viagra makes flowers stand up straight

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tony_k_orlando(Z9 Fl)

Are these for male plants only? (joking joking) maybe one day viagra will be sold in a flower shop for less than it costs now. If someone needed it, maybe it wouldnt seem sooo expensive. What a great combo to be sold... flowers and a pack of viagra, kinda like soup-n-sandwich.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

LOL Tony. And depending on how things go, the viagra tablet might or might not go into the plant water.

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tony_k_orlando(Z9 Fl)

Vi-agra-culture ???

Glen3a - real smart thing to do is BE DOUBLEY sure things are going well b4 deciding where the pill goes, either place can be a real waste if misjudged

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Calpat--I have heard of using birth control pills on plants years ago! I can't remember where--maybe one of those women's magazines. The recommendation was to use 1 pill per pot for houseplants. There may be something to it. Look how similar certain plant hormones are to human hormones (ex. phytoestrogens in yams).

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Ok yes human vitamins are good for plants but for them to do good you just want to put a multi vitamin in the pot and bury it two inches from the stem of the pot plant then water it real good one time and let it use all the water before you give it any more in other words let it starve for a drink then do this through the whole grow of the plant once ever three months it thrives off it and another thing to add once a week is some cigarette ashes it makes your ph great and maintains the soil and you will see your plant grow in half the time this works on male and female plants.

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I disolved a multi vitamin in tap water and it turned the water orange in color. Any idea why this happened?

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chervil2(z5 MA)

With the dissolved vitamin you may be seeing the iron.

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