Not truely Hydroponics, but new toy, aerogarden.

heather38(6a E,Coast)November 7, 2009

How I am here first, As this may help you to help me, until Thursday I had never really taken much note of this forum, popped in and out as I am interested in what others do, and looked at some of your blogs and left with a throbbing head and a jealously, that you are clever enough to build these systems.

Any road up I looked in on Thursday, and someone had given a link to a blog which explains the whole thing (sorry can't remember the original thread) and I read through most of it, very interesting reading, and I kept telling my Hubby the next thing I had learned, even thou he has zero interest in gardening, anyway he come home from work yesterday and asks if I want a aerogarden, I tell him honestly, I know of which you speak, but they are amazingly expensive and and appear to be a hook to keep you buying their product.

anyway we do a search, and decide that the price $60, its worth a punt, its the 7 cell deluxe model, I think, we don't have a box as second hand, but came with the master gardener kit and 2 spare bulbs as well as those in it, and other stuff.

I have done a search and all of my questions apart from two have been answered, such as seed starting, do I really have to pay their ridiculous prices for, foam and nutrients!

So the moment you have all been waiting for (or not) my questions.

1, I am interested in seed starting and on the official site the 60 hole tray is a spit off $30, but having looked around it appears it is something like foam or polystyrene, and sits on the surface of the water? has anybody got one to describe it and how it works or made one themselves?

2/ When starting the seeds does the light need to be on? as in yes it will give heat, but my basic understanding of germination is light isn't needed?? I have cilantro, basil and oregano, as I decided to try these first, (my own seeds)

thanking you in advance as I understand this is a sort of girlie system, but as it has lights and programs and a bit tech hubby is suddenly interested and would not let me set it up myself:-)

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greystoke(South Africa(11))

Nice start heather !
I use wood chips for seeding in egg boxes, which I keep wet with a spray can. Never thought about the lights on or off, so can't say.
I think the foam floating on water may do well, but is it porous enough to suck up the water? Otherwise keep a spray can ready.
Try it out . . see what happens. There's nothing like failures to teach you. LOL

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