Submersible Pumps

plantboy_grower(9)November 2, 2007

Hello everyone, I've really learned a lot from reading this forum so far (thank you all). I am about to put my first system together but have a question about the submersible pump. It is the 185 GPH model over here:

My question is, what if I don't have enough drippers in the line. Won't there be too much pressure, and what do you do? Just poke a hole in the tube in the reservoir or something, since it doesn't seem like you can turn the pump down a notch?

Also that special nozzel you put on the pump -- to circulate air into the mix -- I'm assuming you have to attach a tube to that to draw in air from above, right, since the entire pump is submersed? (It comes with an "air supply water outlet".

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greystoke(South Africa(11))

plantboy_grower wrote:
. . , and what do you do? Just poke a hole in the tube in the reservoir or something, . .

You got that right

The air ventury usually works when the pump is mounted just below the surface. Deeper down they dont work so well. They're excellent to oxygenate, but if you dont need it . . plug it up.

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Dont poke a hole in it. Put a T fitting with a tap in the line near the top of the drum that way you can regulate the bypass pressure and the water from the tap splashes down helping to oxygenate the solution, this also helps to keep it mixed

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greystoke(South Africa(11))

Good idea!

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Cool, I'll do that. Thanks! Great idea.

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Not sure what kind of system your making(yeah its a drip but there are so many ways to do things). I designed but never built a drip system using buckets and totes. It worked like this:

The bottom and larger tote was the main reservoir and was set below the plant bucket level. There was a smaller tote/reservoir on top(above the level of the plants). Water was pumped up to the upper reservoir and then gravity feed the drip system. The water/nut. solution then drained down the lines to the plants. The buckets the plant s were in was set above the full water level of the main reservoir so when the water drained down it would end up back in the main reservoir.

There is an over flow in the smaller reservoir so if for some reason the pump does not shut off you do not get a mess.

I liked the way this worked in my head much better then a pressurized drip system because a clogged line could cause a mess since the pressure will force extra water through the other holes at a faster rate then normal. Gravity generally will not force something at a lot of pressure.

To control the flow of the water I added a simple shut off valve and opened or closed it to change the flow rate. Simple and should work well.

If anyone sees a flaw with this design feel free to contact me. Like I said I never built it so I have not had a chance to really work out the bugs.

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Check here on this site with the search function

Here is a link that might be useful: Overwintering

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