Strawberry Jars and Hydroponics

Master_Eeyore(7b)November 23, 2005

I am new in hydroponics, and love my bay window full of herbs. I had a thought, and hoped someone with more experience could advise me.

I have 2 glazed strawberry jars. I thought about filling them with a perlite mixture, planting it, and setting it in a trough that would be fed by an AutoPot system.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance...


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chuck(Z10,SW FL)

Pat, are you going to drill some holes it the jars to allow the nutrients to flood in and out? There are some special ceramic drill bits, or maybe diamond tip for drilling glass. Maybe some plastic yougart containers might be easier to use. I once used large styrofoam cups with the bottoms sliced open and perlite for the medium to grow some pepper plants. It worked pretty good. I have some pictures if you care to see them. Good luck, chuck

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The pot I am referring to is about 24" high and has 9 "shelves" or holes in the side, and one on the bottom for drainage. I was trying to find a way to use them since they are beautiful, and I have enough space for them. The SmartValve allows the 1 gallon pots in the AUTO POT system to maintain moisture all the way up using wicking action - I was wondering if the same thing would work in the strawberry pots. Guess I just have to try it out...

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