Ocean/Salt Water Hydroponics

csung1(6)November 10, 2010

Dear all,

Can someone comment on the feasibility of using sea water as a water source for hydroponics? What would you have to do (specifics if possible) to convert it into a useable form (desalinate, filter, sterilize?)? I really have no clue so please if you are knowledgeable on this, bear with me. I ask the question with intent obviously. Yes I know the sink produces water. Yes I know in the States you can buy coolers of water at will.

Thanks in advance

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Israel, Dubai and other countries in that region desalinize a decent amount of water for hydroponics, and some cities in the US are opening plants that provide desalinized water for the public water systems. On a smaller scale I believe it is possible to use a reverse osmosis (RO) system or multiple reverse osmosis systems with different levels of filtration to produce water suitable for plants, but am pretty sure that type of capability is expensive. I don't personally have any experience using salt water or a RO system so hopefully someone else will provide some input.

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Do a Google search for desalinate water DIY - there are several very basic methods that are described. The major drawback seems to be most of them require solar power (sunshine!) to be effective. They can desalinate quarts to barrels of sea water per day, depending on their size. They do not seem expensive to build, thankfully!



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