Deer Prevention

jimax1920(8 SC)April 27, 2003

Last year our strawberries were destroyed by the deer. They ate them off to the ground, as they were setting fruit. My wife said she raed someplace about putting up a fishing line aropund the garden to prevent deer.

This winter I drove stakes all around the strawberry patch and put up a 6 lb test fishing line about two feet high. The idea is that they do not see the line and hit it. It then scares them off. Our strawberries are giving us plenty of strawberries this year. I have found the line broken three different times where they hiy it, so I plan on getting at least a 20 pound test line. It still scared them off when they broke it and the plants have remained safe from the deer. I check it daily.

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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

What a great idea and thanks for tip!! I briefly considered this last year but never implemented it as I thought it just wouldn't work-they would hit the line and then just step over it. Now I'll have to give it a try.
Have used bird netting with some success. But when trying to continually harvest veggies it's a royal pain to pull the netting back and then stake it back in place every day!!

Found those brazen hussies in the yard yesterday afternoon (all 10 of them) muching the just emerging daylilies. Took a bit to chase them off too.

Some have been talking about a product called Repellex tha is a systemic bittering agent. It CANNOT be used on edibles tho and is somewhat pricy.

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I've used Plantskydd, something a forester used on our seedling trees. I snatched a leftover bag, (though it now comes in liquid form) mixed it and applied it to roses and irises the first year. The following year to all ornamentals. (The veggie garden is fenced so didn't need it there.) The thing I liked about this product is that it lasts through rain and sprinkling and you don't have to reapply all summer long. Worked just fine for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plantskydd information

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My favorite product for discouraging deer is a product called green screen. for about $17 you buy a box of 24 little cloth bags consisting of meat meal and red pepper. hang them around the plants you wanna protect and the deer, rabbits, raccoons, all stay away. the best part is they can be tilled into the garden at the end of the season, and are natural and non-toxic!

Here is a link that might be useful: green screen

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MyFlowerChild(z5 MI)

I sprinkle garlic powder around and so far this spring the deer haven't eaten any of my flowers coming up.
I don't sprinkle it directly on the plants but on the ground around them.
So far so good!

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Hi folks,

My wife and I bought the most hokey pink Flamingos you can imagine with whirly gig blades and placed them around our garden. We also brush the hair from our two Newfie dogs and place that around the outside of the garden. So good... No more deer problems. But...our neighbour seems to have inherieted our herd!...*grinz*. ps. What did Bambi say when she came out of the woods...."That's the last time I do that for two bucks!"

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NewPenny(z8a-7b WA, USA)

Chunks of Irish Springs soap tied (I used fishing line)to bushes or steaks keeps the deer away most of the time. In winter and early spring when food is scarce they may ignore the smell. I'll find out this winter. :-)

Take care, Penny

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UncleJerry(Z8 MS)

I am trying plantskydd this year on some of my garden. My watermelon vines grew through the garden fence and were mowed severly by the deer, along with all but one watermelon on the outside of the fence. I sprayed everything outside the fence with the repellant, and so far so good. The one thing about the stuff on watermelon vines is that they grow so fast that you have to keep spraying as they grow.
Uncle Jerry

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I really, really hate it when someone starts a follow-up with 'I don't know, but....'. So I am going to start the second paragraph of the follow-up with 'I don't know, but...'

I don't know anything about deer prevention but I read something that makes perfect sense, providing a deer thinks like I do. These people said a deer would not jump into a place if it did not know where it was going to land. So these people said build a six foot solid fence and the deer would not jump it.

Anyone ever tried that?

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

They will jump it if they get hungry enough.

"nuff said.

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Two interesting things I learned from reading an interview with a Deer biologist at the Department of Environmental Protection for Connecticut.

1. Deer can jump 8-10 feet fences.

2. Deer are afraid of any change in their environment for a few days. They will be afraid of a lawn chair. This is why so many home-remedies and wives tales get started.

Better to go with a multi-pronged approach to Deer Prevention.

Check out the interview for yourself.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deer Prevention

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Our neighbors use motion activated sprinklers with great success. When the deer get near, the sprinklers start and run for a pre-determined time. They can be set to run from 1 to 60 minutes, then shut off. If the deer come back they start again. Rainbird sprinklers work best because they cover a large area.


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Try Milorganite. Deer wont come near it and the plants will grow like crazy.


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We tried a new product called Deer Defeat. It works great and if you check out their website especially the testimonial page everybody seems to like it.

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