Adding Lime to Salad Cold Frame

Wayne_NY(Z6HudsonVal NY)April 14, 2003

Hi Garden "Scientest",

Built a new cold frame and transplanted some Black Seeded Simpson seedlings that I started about 5 weeks ago. Kept some of the soil for testing and just found it to be a little akaline. Since I know that lettuce likes acidic soil, I was thinking about adding some lime to the cold frame.

I was thinking about the possibility of adding it for "instant results" and came up with the following options:

1. Add some lime dust to the watering can and sprinkle it right in.

2. Just add some pelletized lime by sprinkling it into the frame and then watering.

What do you think would be the best way?

Thanks in advance,


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vmperkins(z5 central IL)

Don't do it! Lime will make your soil MORE alkaline, not less. If you want to acidify, add peat, and I believe sulfur works too though I never use it.


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Yes, some physics major with chemistry background was enlightening me. Lime, the fruit, is acidic. Lime, the mineral, is basic.

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