A First For An AeroGarden?? Or No?

floridabear(10b)December 23, 2007

Hi all. Since I have an 4 empty 'growholes' with my tomato 'crop', I wanted to do something with them. So I did plant some dwarf marigold seeds in 1, and up they came in 2 days.

BUT,since I had 4 to work with, only 3 have tomatos, 4 are empty, for space for when the plants are big,I guess. I put in a VERY slightly rooted African Violet leaf into one of the sponges! Just put it in the cut in the sponge and then back into the plastic cup it came in. Just as an experiment, and it has rooted itself into the sponge like crazy and I pulled the sponge out a bit ,and pried it apart to have a look, and I see a clump of baby violet plants! In less than 5 days!!

I wanted to pass along this test to you all to see if anyone else has tried rooting things in their AeroGarden at all,or done something like this?

I of course have no idea how I will be able to get the roots out of the sponge when I plant it onto soil,I guess I will be cutting away as much as possible and then just plant the baby and the mother leaf and see if it takes off and give me a clump of starter violets. But I thought it was an interesting experiment. And wondered if anyone else used it for rooting cuttings or maybe even violets!? Anyone?

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Hydroponic cloning is very popular (what you did with your leaf is what I call cloning). The sponges are a good medium for hydroponic growing and cloning and you are right - it is fast. You can plant the entire sponge into a pot of the proper AV potting medium and your African Violet will grow. No need to separate it from the sponge.


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Well I have grown them from leaves before,in water. It is the first time in the sponge in the AeroGarden, thought I found a new use. Turns out people have been doing it already? Boy, bummer! Oh well...now I know how to get these darn violets leaves to sprout fast!! Use to take months to get baby plants:).

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Turns out people have been doing it already? Boy, bummer! Oh well...now I know how to get these darn violets leaves to sprout fast!!

Because so many people have been dabbling in horticulture for the last several thousand years, it is a pretty safe bet that anything you or I is going to do with plants/materials we have laying around the house has already been done before by someone, somewhere. :)

It kind of makes you wonder why no-name AV's cost $4-10 @ the grocery store when they are that easy to clone.

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