Iris bloomed a different color this year?

tabarhodes(5, NM)May 9, 2009

So last year I was baffled by this Iris:

It was the first year it bloomed and I couldn't figure out what it was because it didn't look like anything I had planted.

This year it looks like this:

I think it resembles "Tennessee Woman" which I vaguely remember buying. I assume the soil and conditions would have something to do with the color change. Is this a common thing among Iris? I'm fairly new to them so I have no clue!

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tabarhodes(5, NM)

but now that i'm looking at the pictures it looks as though the beards are totally different colors......maybe there's several varieties in this clump?

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Nancy zone 6

I would bet you have 2 totally different iris there. I think some iris can look slightly different due to soil conditions or temps, but not that different. Iris can multiply so fast that they can invade another's territory.

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tabarhodes(5, NM)

Thanks ngraham! This particular clump is out in the middle of the gravel far away from my other Iris, so no invasion. They must have mistakenly included a different variety of Iris in the bag that I bought (that's walmart for you!) and I guess the more yellow iris didn't bloom last year. Although funny thing I haven't gotten any of the pinkish blooms yet like I had last year! Weird!

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Nancy zone 6

Walmart has that reputation, although when I bought my first iris from them years ago I didn't have that problem. I must have been lucky because Wmart has a bad reputation.

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