Mushy Iris Blossoms

birchhillMay 21, 2011

Several years ago I planted some bearded iris (Beverly Sills). The have multiplied and the blossoms are always huge. But about one-third to one-half of the buds fail to open and stay bunched up like fleshy little fists. Then they turn wet and mushy. What could be causing this?

I have had a lot of trouble with botrytis blight. It attacks the peonies and even did in the petunias. Could that be the source of the problem?

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I don,t know what is causing your problem but last year I had a simular thing happening because of our heavy rains. There is a leaf holding the unfolded flower up against the stem. With our heavy rains this leaf was holding water between the stem and the unopened flower causing the flower to rot. I took a exactoe knife and cut a slit at the bottom of the leaf and that allowed the water to drain off .

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It is unbelievable how much water the iris holds after a heavy rain. I saw that this year.

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