I have a big problem and I need some help!

frenchfried(zone6 canada)December 30, 2004

Yesterday I have transplanted my clones and seeds into a 3" cubes. they are sitting under 940w hortilux hps bulbs. at 4pm I have watered them by erb and flow tray.

my nute was in a 25 gallon of tap water.

125 ml of flora grow, 62.5ml of micro and 62.5 ml of bloom. ph is at 5.5 and have also put 30 ml of hydrogen peroxide. I have watered them for 15 mins and it took 15 min to drain. at 8pm I went to see my little children and all their littles leaves were curled up over the tip of the plant. like they were begging me to stop the turcher. I took a gallon of water. set my ph to 5.5 and put 1 tbs of epson salt. and dip the cubes again. this morning all the leave that had curled up was dry and dieing off. I am loose my children and I need help. What am I doing wrong. ... I have notice a great amount of white grain like salt on the table after the table has dried. is this normal? please reply A.S.A.P.


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Maybe go to straight water until you get a meter to measure the TDS of the nutrient solution. Plants can live on pure water for quite a while.

Salts left after evaporation of nutrient solution sound like you are over-feeding the plants.

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hydro4me(z5 IN)

I agree with willard. Flush them with straight water immediately and the keep track of the strength of the nutrient mixture. I would also do away with the H2O2, since I have read only bad things about it in any mix, especially the 35% technical grade.

Good luck with the recovery. -Jason

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Hydrogen peroxide has a problem similar to chlorine in solution, ie, in the wrong concentrations, they are toxic.

The advantage of hydrogen peroxide is that it leaves solution completely in 1-2 hrs after it has done its work; chlorine hangs on for days.

I treat all water for nutrient change and make-up to 500-1000 ppm with 3% solution available in stores and let it sit for 2 hours. I have no nasties carried by water.

Solution concentrations will depend upon your water supply.

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