Hydro Bhuts

orgmacdonaldDecember 4, 2011

I'm growing some bhuts from seed. I've been doing a lot of reading and it seems that humidity, temperature, and a low ec will give the hottest peppers. Does anyone have direct experience with this? My ph is 6.1 and ec is 1.6.

I've also read on this forum that ph going up and ec down implies not enough nutes, while ph down and ec up is too much. My ec drops a little each day and I'm getting worried I'm hurting my potential yield. My temp is ~80/day and ~70/night, humidity is ~60% all under a 600 watt light.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or lessons you've learned. Here's some pics to tease ya.

Bhut Pic Gallery

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The ec is high by a factor of 2 for chiles, Ph is ok

Get accurate/calibrated meters to measure ec and Ph.

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Are you saying that my ec should be .8?

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1.6 divided by two is pretty close to 0.8...........

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An EC of 0.8 is fine for vegetative growth, and 1.6 is okay for generative (i.e. flowering) growth - both are within acceptable ranges. There is no one best way to grow these peppers, and it is difficult to give specific advice since you haven't provided more details about your system.

Regarding the heat level of the chiles, I usually do two things: (1) using a flood-and-drain table, I flood the media less frequently (allowing the media to dry out more), (2) I add extra sulfur to the nutrient solution. Sulfur concentration has been linked to both chile flavor and heat.

Best of luck!

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