Nutrients Separating/Crystalizing

greendude(Arctic Wisconsin)December 3, 2008

Hi folks, I've got a question about my nutrients. I am currently using Dyna-Gro Bloom in my system, and when I changed the nutrients the other day I noticed (from splashing the nutrient around inside the bottle) that there is a lot of gunk on the bottom that has separated from the formula and has crystalized into a bottom layer. The bottle is opaque so I have not seen this but I can hear the chunks splashing around in there.

So, is this the sign of a cheap nutrient? This is the nutrient that came with my hydroponics kit so I imagine it isn't a premium brand. Have I lost an important ingredient in this solid chunk that the plants need, or is this just salt? Should I attempt to redissolve the formula? Any advice would be appreciated; thanks.

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freemangreens(Zone 10 CA)

I see you are from "Arctic" Wisconsin. Any chance the crystals might be coming out of solution due to the storage temperature?

Try warming it up and see if it goes back into solution. If it doesn't, I'd contact the manufacturer and ask questions. I've never had any commercial grow juice do that -- ever!

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greendude(Arctic Wisconsin)

We here in the frozen lands have ways of keeping our indoor areas warm! :) The nutrient is being stored indoors away from an outside wall, and shouldn't be experiencing temperatures any lower than 60 degrees F. Still, perhaps I'll try warming it up somehow (body heat?) and jiggling it excessively to see if I can get the chunks to melt back into it.

If that doesn't work, I'll seek a new brand of nutrient. Thanks!

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I've never been able to get something like that to go back into solution. Generally when you get something to fall out of solution like that it's an insoluble salt that just won't go back no matter what you do.

FWIW I've also only had that problem with cheaper stuff. I haven't seen it since I upgraded to Advanced Nutrients.

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