Indoor Hydroponic Garden for Xmas Gift?

bayridgeDecember 4, 2009

Hi all,

I am seeking a gift for my very eco-conscious sister. She currently lives in an apartment in Chicago, and she is very busy, so I thought that a great gift for her this Xmas would be a low maintenance indoor garden system such as the Aerogarden line. However, I don't want to buy her a gift that isn't worth the money or time, so I'd like to hear from people who have used the Aerogarden or other brands of indoor gardens and find out if there is a worthwhile product out there.

I was having some trouble finding other brands selling products similar to the Aerogarden, is it true that there currently aren't any competing products right now? The only one I could find was the Power Plant Growing Machine, which seems to be only available online from the UK, that is a very small hydroponic grower. However, I couldn't find hardly any detailed information about it or reviews, and it doesn't come with a light source, so I'm not sure about it.

Any information I could get would be a huge help!!! Thank you!


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Aerogarden is excellent for herbs. It's excellent to have in the kitchen and very low maintenance. I'm in Illinois like your sister. If she likes to cook then get her the Aerogarden with herbs set.

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alex818(z9 CA)

I dont mean to rain on your parade but If she has a busy lifestyle I think it might be a bit difficult to care for a hydro garden. You have to take PH and PPM readings often, check your water levels, etc to keep the plants healthy. If she enjoys it then thats a differernt story but if shes not much into gardening im not sure how well it will go. Its a very thoughtful gift however.

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difficult to care for a hydro garden? i dont think so at all.
my light is on a timer and i just change my nutrients once a week (which takes about 20 minutes to change four plants).

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alex818(z9 CA)

So what you're saying is people monitor/adjust PH and test for nute levels with an EC/PPM meter for no reason then?

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not everyone does, I have grown successful "plants" years ago without checking PH or EC, just went by the instructions at the back of the hydro solution and added a bit more each week. I added enough ph down to change the 50 litre resovour I was using to 6.5 (as per instruction) as I knew the PH of the water I was using was very close to 7.

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i do not own a PH or EC meter.
i just use tap water and add nutrients according to the instructions on the bottle and i dump and replace the nutrients once a week which takes about 5 minutes per plant. i have a four plant dwc system each with 3 gallon buckets under a 400w hps bulb.

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