Solar powered hydroponic

mosesong(z5 KS)December 5, 2008

I all, I have a portable green house like this: that I would like to use my hydroponic in (I'm new to hydroponic btw, but I have read the book and will start my lettuce raft and ebb system soon for the winter)

I'm thinking about doing a bigger scale starting from Spring as those HID is just way too expansive for big job. Anyway, I discovered the solar pump method:

I want to build a drip system in the mini green house without electric outlet a couple hundred feet away from the house to get full sun (will partially bury the nutrient tank in ground to keep it cool). The green house will protect the plant from wind, rain, and birds while letting bees to pollen. My question is: the solar power will work during the day, is it okay to not water the plant at night? I don't think the solar has a battery to run at night, otherwise it wouldn't be that cheap. Most solar fountain pump I found is less than $100.

I want to grow bell pepper, chili pepper and tomato. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks!

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freemangreens(Zone 10 CA)

I would suggest using perlite as a growing medium. If you do this, your plants can go all night without any watering, as long as they get some as the heat rises the following day.

Perlite holds from 45% to 70% of its volume in water (depending on particle size), so it's not necessary that it be wetted 24/7.

If you're worried about it, oversize your solar array and charge batteries, then use a timer to give yourself a couple night watering cycles.

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