Snowflake or Harmony or Vaughn's Lillie

gaw1(5/6 Lake Tahoe Sierra NV Mtns)September 22, 2009

Ok, I've read all the posts but still undecided. Ideally I want a deep, green leafed, OH to serve as a specimen plant. Mostly shade but some dappled sun. About fifteen feet away will be an Annabelle. IÂm trying to decide between a Snowflake, Harmony, or VaughnÂs Lillie.

I am concerned about winter dieback and lack of full sun. Perhaps OH is just a waste of time. In the winter we get in the single digits. Although, I suspect wind chill may get us down into the negatives. I really donÂt want to winter protect a large plant with burlap. I could put the Annabelle in its spot but thought it might be nice to have two specimen plants.

Any advice?

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The blooms on Harmony and VL are somewhat similar but VL is more compact so I would choose between those two depending on what size you prefer. Of the three blooms, I prefer the doubles on Snowflake. OH is advertised as hardy in your zone. Make sure the soil drains very well.

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