Ph lime peat

TheMasterGardener1(5B)December 16, 2011

Hi all. I would have asked this in the container forum but I could geuss that someone or a few are going to tell me that I cant use peat as a primary medium (pro-mix?) and tell me how pine fines are better, and dont use peat. So there is no reason to even ask in the container section, I will just be told that peat holds too much water and pine fines are better and then give me a link on water retention as if I dont know, as if I can find a cheap source of pine fine, as if I dont pay 1 dollar a Cu Ft for peat where it costs 4 dollars a Cu Ft for pine fines. ;)

Here is the question: Is it 2 table spoons of lime per gallon of peat to make ph at 6 range? Can someone confirm this, thanks.

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I am thinking maybe I should ask this in the container forum to get a fast answer. I just hope I dont get made fun of for using peat : ) Hope someone can answer, thanks.

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I'm thinking you should measure the Ph of the mixture. Other people's materials will be different.

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Thanks. for the record I think it is 2 tb sp per gal. But then I hear it is 1 tb sp per gal from other sources, so.
I really dont want to get a ph meter if I dont have to.

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If you're going to do hydro, you want a Ph meter.

Hydro is the forum heading.

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You don't need a pH meter at all to grow hydroponically. You do however need to monitor pH. But the best way to do that is with pH drops. pH drops don't need calibration, wont give false results, don't require special storage directions, and cost way less than just the calibration fluid for a pH meter. But if you do decide to get a pH meter, I would strongly suggest getting some pH drops also. That way you have something to compare the accuracy of your meter against.

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Thanks. Ok, I found how much lime is needed!!!;)

For 4.5 cu ft of peat it takes 5 tb sp of lime but I heard more like up to 8 tb sp. I just balanced 4.5 cu ft of peat with 7.5 tb sp of lime and my house plant is doing very well in it. I use 70% peat-30% perlite. Some plants that need more air I use 50%peat50% perlite.

This works well and I have to say when I used 50% peat and 50% perlite last year on my cherry tomatoes, I did not use lime and they grew very fast.

I know this is a hydroponic forum but I feel soilless is about the same.


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The definition of hydroponics is growing plants without soil (soilless). So Ya, growing plants without using soil is hydroponics (the same).

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