pippies indoors, how to start from seed and what lights and fert?

bandido(nbcanada)December 6, 2004

need to know anything on poppies indoors, seed starting, fert, lights?? need experienced info

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adrianag(AL z7)

Bandido I was under the impression that poppies needed some cold to germinate properly. Just an impression, one southern grower told me to scatter seeds outside in mid-December to assure plants in the spring. If so, you'll need to address this by possibly freezinf or chilling the seeds. Here is some references I came across on this:

"February is a particularly good month to sow seeds of some wildflowers - perhaps not the month we would naturally start our seed sowing, but many seeds require a period of very cold weather before germination will take place. This is known as Âvernalisation and species requiring this cold treatment can be sown now, as February is often our coldest month. We are sometimes advised to put seeds of the wild Primulas (cowslip, primrose and oxlip) or those of snakeshead fritillary, wild hellebore or poppy into the fridge or freezer for a while before sowing. Unfortunately this often does often not reproduce the exact conditions these species need  several spells of really cold temperatures interspersed with fluctuating higher ones. There is really only one way of exposing seeds to these exacting conditions and that is to sow now in pots or seed trays and leave them outside. Nature will do the rest for you very efficiently."

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The light requirement & need for stratification depends on the poppy you are growing. Some varieties need light to germinate & some germinate in dark. Some are stratified with fall sowing outdoors (or by refrigeration) & some are spring sown. I have sprouted ornamental poppies in Perlite with the baggie method.

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adrianag(AL z7)

Baci, Did you stratify the ornamental poppies?

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The poppies I germinated were papaver orientale or Oriental poppy. They germinated in both Perlite & Vermiculite but the germination rate was better in Vermiculite. I did not stratify them & they do not require stratification.

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