Blossom End Rot and Dried up Flowers

mattpayne11December 25, 2008

Hi all,

First time tomato grower here... I have BER. I am using rockwool as my medium and I am using advanced nutrients line of products "micro, grow, bloom." The plants are great - huge monsters with tons of blooms - most of which dry up (another issue altogether related to the fact that I'm indoors and humidity, and too much nitrogen I suppose).

What do you all suggest I do to cure this issue? Should I yank the 4 toms that have BER?

How can I ensure that my future fruit dont have BER in my set-up, and how can I ensure that my blooms turn to fruit?

Thank you.

Some photos:

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I think you can add tums to your water to add calcium. I'm a beginner so I don't know more than that. But if you google tums and ber or blossom end rot you should find some detailed answers.

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If you are still trying to decide what to do: go to the drug or health store
& buy calcium gluconate, make a foliar spray ( +/- 1 bottle top diluted in 1 gallon of distilled water).
This will be first aid, if BER due to deficiency, as you try to sort out your nutrient uptake variables. Ugly as blossom end rot is there is no urgency to yank the plants if they can still flower anew.
Make sure to flick/shake/vibrate the flowers so they pollinate. Toms typically produce more flowers than need so they can be selectively eliminated , just like suckers.

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