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organicroots(5/6)December 6, 2009

Hey, this may seem like a wacky question because I do not know how this would work but is it possible to grow any root crops hydroponically, like carrots?

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lalameija(8 oregon)

I think you could, if you used a growing medium such as rock wool, but that would be very uneconomical.

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not wacky at all and yes you can grow root crops. Haven't grown any myself yet but plan on giving radishes a go this coming spring, they require less space/substrate than most root vegatables.

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I saved a link to someone that grew carrots the size of your arm in hydro. Sadly the link is now dead but it was a sight to see. He had flood and drain outdoors and was wonderful.

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@ organicroots,
It's even possible to grow carrots and other root vegetables in deep water culture without medium. Unfortunately some varieties tend to split in deep water. Have got a pdf about some scientific research around that topic,where they have tested a bunch of varieties for their tendency to split - but can't attach it here.

You may use coarse sand as medium with a E/F - F/D system too, - perhaps try a mix of finer perlite and coarse sand. If you chose huge varieties with flood and drain, the growing bed should be as deep as required. Single small but deep containers (one per huge carrot) may be an option as well . But this technique will require a specific design of a setup, which may not be everyones cup of tea to figure out and build eventually.

You could simply go with smaller ball shaped varieties and use a shallow growing bed (which needs less nutrient to flood and saves media). And why not go with drip and recycle with the later specs. There are some suitable and interesting ball shaped italian and french varieties. I believe these varieties may split less in DWC, but haven't tested that part yet. Please see link for seeds of ball shaped carrots at amazon!

Here is a link that might be useful: Valentino round shaped carrots

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How about a crazy answer. Yes on the radish I used 9 oz. plastic drink cup with partial cut out bottom 1/2 inch of rock wool in the bottom equal parts vermiculite and Perlite as the medium .in a DWC outdoors with cherry bells not as fast as good soil but fun. My first try in Hydroponics it will not be my last.

Curt :-)

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Ha Ha I was going to tell you that some one posted cabbage so I looked it up, and there you were. So you knew about the radish's. If you grew cabbage did you try Boc Choy. I have them under lights and they do well there. Not hydroponic But potted with no sun and 16 hours a day under 4 32w t8's I have Swiss chard also ,but they need more light. I have 46w of CFL on them in a two square foot space.Ha Ha they just make it! I think both of these plants would do good in a Hydroponic system and will try them next summer outdoors. I am thinking of putting the Chard under a 105 Cfl 4100k at 6900 lumen??? Anyone?

Curt :-)

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I've read about growing ginseng hydroponically. It takes 2-3 years to produce a ginseng plant ready to harvest in soil. You can cut it down to 4 months grown hydroponically!

Here is a link that might be useful: Herbal drugs info

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Carrots and other root crops will do well in a hydroponics setup as long as they are given a large grow bed to mature and fully develop. You can use a loose growing medium, like perlite, to grow this root crop in hydroponics. In fact, your hydroponics carrots will be ready for harvest in about 2 1/2 to 3 months. The DWC method works just fine with this crop ;)

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