fish under roses

chyldeoflight(7b)May 5, 2005

has anyone tried planting roses on the top of a whole fish?

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sadovodka(9b SoCal)

No, but I tried burrying fish heads under rose bushes. Looks like it's working.

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taitai(Z5 WI)

My boss at work does it. He said he tips and buries his tree form roses every year then in spring puts a whole fish in the hole and stands it back up. He says he has never seen better tree roses than his.

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heatherine(5b ME)

Oy! Gross. That would kind of counteract the whole purpose of a rose, wouldn't it? At least until the fish completely decomposed? Wouldn't exactly keep the cats out either.... LOL Think I'll stick with bone meal.

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I can remember my father doing this many decades ago when I was a small child. He'd gone smelt fishing; caught a ton of these small fish in his nets. After cleaning them, filling our freezer and giving many packages away to friends (who soon began to run away when they saw him coming), he still had many left over. Finally chopped them up and placed them around the base of his roses which lined our chain link fence.

We never had so many roses that year. I remember the Good Humor ice cream truck driver stopping by one evening and asking how many roses were on one plant. My dad asked me to count and I lost track when I hit 100.

A couple of HOT Georgia summers ago my freezer went belly up suddenly and I had came home to once-frozen fish thawed out and already starting to spoil. I remember what dad did; I threw mine in my blender and made a fish "slurry" that I took out to the garden, dug a trench around the roses and tomato plants, poured the gunk in and covered it with soil. This helped keep the smell down and the plants seemed to love it.


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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

Oh I wish i had read this yesterday!!! My DH was cleaning fish today - and the thought crossed my mind that i had seen this topic, but had not read it. Oh well, I will know for next time!!

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Ideefixe(SoCal/Sunset 23)

I do this--we own a restaurant, so I have plenty of trimmings. I blend the fish bits in a food processor first, and then pour the fish smoothie into a hole under the rose bush. My garden seems to love it and since I'm liquifing the fish, no animals seem interested.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

My ex-hubby is a fisher-a-holic. During the winter I used to toss all the fish heads ect into a freezer bag together. Come spring, I planted them underneath my tomatoes. Each plant got 1-2 heads of its very own. OMG you should have SEEN those monsters! I even sent the nice Jehovas Witnesses away with a bag of tomatoes. It encouraged them however. ( Nothing personal, but I have my own beliefs. One year I put a fresh head under a plant. About a week later I went to transplant an oregano. Word to the wise: ALWAYS make a note of where you plant your 'heads'. I accidentally dug it up, in all its decomposing glory. The smell chased me into the house.LOL

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