Can I grow spinach hydroponically?

zzackey(8b GA)December 15, 2011

I love fresh spinach. Can I grow it hydroponically?

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Getting them to sprout is difficult.
Also, they don't like much heat, so you have to ensure the temperature isn't too high or they'll bolt.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I just read the seeds need to be in the fridge for two weeks in order to germinate. I'm trying it.

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please let me know if that helps.

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"Getting them to sprout is difficult."


Spinach is ideal to grow hydroponically. You would sprout them in rockwool. What kind of system? I happend to be quite familure with hydroponics and can say floating DWC is the best. I know of large scale lettuce operations that are switching from NFT to DWC.

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I don't use rockwool, but I've never had much success getting spinach to sprout.
How do you sprout them? what temperature and how long does it take?

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zzackey(8b GA)

What does DWC and NFT mean? I just planted my seeds in the garden after having them in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. They got more cold stratification because the night time temps have been well below freezing the last three nights. My firend said her spinach seeds sprouted fine after being in the refrigerator for a year. I read they needed at least two weeks of cold. I will let you know what happens.

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DWC = deep water culture. raft systems are a modification of this system
NFT = nutrient film technique. a thin film of mutrient flows across the bottom of a tray and roots lay on top of that and absorb the nutrient.

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Technically I agree with grizzman, but as a clarification the term DWC (deep water culture) is a distinction about how deep the water in their water culture system is. It has become common place to refer to any water culture system as a deep "Water Culture" system.

Though it's really the opposite , and "DWC" is a really modification of the definition of a true water culture system. The word deep is just referring to the water depth. There's where the definition of a water culture system gets blurred (sort of). When it comes to a true water culture system, there is no definition of water depth. They are all defined as a water culture systems. No mater if it's just a couple of inches, or a few hundred feet.

But the term DWC has been so widely used to refer to as any water culture systems, the "D" in the term meaning "Deep" has lost all of it's meaning. And it should be known that "DWC" is just a term for a water culture system that refers to the depth of the water with the "D" standing for "Deep" (meaning not shallow). Like a pool where you have a deep end, and a shallow end. The only difference between the two sides is the depth of the water. The function, and how the pool works remains the same. Same goes for the water culture system, weather it's referred to as a water culture system or a DWC, the function is still the same.

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When cooling spinach seeds in the refridgerator does one cool just the seeds dry and THEN place in rick wool or cool them in rock wool to germinate the seeds in the fridge?

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zzackey(8b GA)

Sorry I never answered this old post! No, they didn't sprout. Trying again this year with a seed tape.

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I keep a DWC tank of spinach growing in my basement all the time. The temp. There is a pretty consistent 60. I sprout it in wet coffee filters and then move it to coco fiber. I never had much luck growing it in my greenhouse.

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