sewnmom7September 5, 2013

I'm looking for cuttings of any kind of hydrangea., even a few... thanks ahead, molly/

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What have you got in return?

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It's very easy to take your own...if you see a hydrangea at a restaurant or a gas station or where ever, (never a nursery) just ask someone if you can snip a few cuttings and make sure you tell them you don't want any flowers. People are usually very nice and most often you get someone who doesn't know or care about hydrangeas and they just say yes..;-)

The best time would be next season, June or early July is the best time as the cuttings root quite easily then. It's a bit late for this year.

Good luck and do give it a try, you need 3 or 4 of the same cuttings to make a good plant and even though the tips are best, you can use the stem most of the way down.


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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I'm doing Hydrangea cuttings now. They're doing fine.
Zone 8 I'm in probably makes a difference. So does the Fall rains and cooler temps.

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I'm in zone 6b and I took my cutting in mid August (a month too late for me) this season (just a few this year) and as I've never found the need to use a rooting hormone before they were very reluctant to root for me this year. I had about 4 varieties from my yard that refused to root at all! I got a few that have rooted and I did use hormone on the very last set that I took and have yet to check. Of course I do them in the house so the cool nights don't effect much but I'm sure your glorious zone 8 does make a difference..good luck with yours, isn't it safisfying to pull the cutting up and see all those nice thick white roots! (must be those weed genes..:-))


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What do you have to trade?

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