Flowers that don't like coffee grounds

NDgardengirl(ND Zone 4a)May 31, 2005

Do you know of any varieties that do not tolerate the coffee grounds? I just sprinkled some at the base of my black-eyed susans yesterday and they seemed to have wilted overnight - or could that just be coincidence?!

Do you work it into the soil around the plant? Dilute it with water and water the plants? I just want to make sure I'm applying it correctly so I can have the bountiful garden that everyone keeps talking about!

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marabas(z7 Peidmont,VA)

I had the same experience with Goldflame Honeysuckle growing in a large container. Within 3 days it was barely hanging on for life. Still alive 2 weeks later, but safe to say it doesn't enjoy a nice cup of starbucks as much as i do. :-)

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Herbsy(zone6b Ont)

Hi Marabas
I know they say not to use them in containers as there is a high salts level in them. Unless the plants in the ground like acidic soil , it is better to just put them in your composter along with other things,

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

We've a discussion at the link below. If you have anything new please add it to that thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coffee grounds as a planting medium

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I'm just starting to use coffee grounds on an African violet. So far it looks good after a week. I'll remember this message and let you know if there are any problems.

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Your goldflame may have been affected by something else such as aphids. Contrary to what some people have been told coffee grounds are not acidic. The acid in coffee is diluted with water so basically coffee drinkers drink the acid and the left over grounds have a basic neutral ph between 6.5 to 6,8. You can go to oregon state university and find the same info. But it is suggested to water in the coffee grounds with liquid fertilizer.

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