Growing melons in ultra small containers

drayvenMay 13, 2009

I have some extra melon (Minnesota Midget and Yellow Doll) seeds and some extra potting soil and manure compost so I figured why not try growing them in the few containers I have, even if they are ridiculously small.

The one container, on the right, that I believe will work has a 12" inch diameter at the top and is 10" deep.

From what I have read I believe this will work for the Minnesota Midget no problem but I am unsure how many I should plant in it or if I should just stick with one.

I also have two containers that are 6" diameter and 6" deep and one container that is 6" in diameter and 7" deep.

I figure that these will definitely only support one plant and probably not even that.

My question is what can I do to give this the best possible chance?

I'm not really expecting it to work, just an experiment.

What ratio of potting soil to manure compost would you use?

Would you add epsom salt?

Once they started to vine would you pinch off extra growth to keep only a few vines?

In the large container on the right, how many plants do think I could away with, or should I just plant one?

I'll keep updating this post with the results, if there are any :)


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