Bye bye to Little Lamb...

ostrich(3a AB)September 28, 2008

Some of you may remember the kidney-shaped flower bed that I created last fall. I put in a Limelight, Quick Fire, Pinky Winky and Little Lamb. Well, George was right, it probably was too crowded for all of them. So I decided to move one of them out, and unfortunately, Little Lamb will be going. My colleague will adopt my LL - at least it will be going to a good home where they will take care her of her!!! Sigh... yes, they will come and pick her up this afternoon. I am having separation anxiety already... sigh!

The spot will be filled with roses then. I think that will work out much better.

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Sorry to hear but glad to know you found a good home for it anyway. Is this the plant that you were concerned about (its dimensions) and George said it grew wider than taller for him? I am having similar problems with some salvias that are getting too big, bigger than the plant labels called for. Have not done anything to them yet but I am considering pruning this winter to see if that helps. They are located by a butterfly bush that I forgot to prune last winter and is pushing 6' high now.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Luis, thank you. I am just anxiously waiting for my friends to arrive... sigh!

Yes, this was the shrub that George found to be rather large, not a "dwarf" by any means as advertised.

It has done very well for me, but I know that I cannot have everything in my flower bed or my yard, as a matter of fact!!!

Luis, I guess as long as we have enjoyed their presence in our yard, then it's OK, right? Well...

Thanks again for writing!

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ostrich(3a AB)

Luis, I just have an update for you. My friends took away my LL and I immediately planted in the same area a Julia Child rose and a Double Delight rose. I also added some perennials around the edge too (such as a Moonbeam coreopsis). Anyway, even though I am very sad to let LL go, I love my flower bed so much better now! Everything seems to be balancing so much better than before, so I am glad that i made the tough decision. I guess sometimes really less is more... :-)

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Congratulations! Very good choices. I too have Double Delights Roses. It is THE #1 rose in my garden from a scent standpoint. Awesome smell. Suffers little from blackpot fungus here though. I originally planted one in the front of the house and then planted a 2nd on the back to facilitate smelling the blooms when the urge strikes. Ha!

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DD is not only prone to all diseases, but also a literaly JB magnet in my garden:-(
Fragrance an blooms are heavenly though.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Hi Luis and George,

Thanks! I LOVE the fragrance of DD too! It's absolutely heavenly. You know, it does have some blackspot problem around here, but the worst thing is actually powdery mildew. However, with its beautiful, abundant blooms and heavenly scent, I just let the other things go! LOL! Thank goodness, it is not particularly susceptible to JB here - OK, pretty much all of my roses are JB targets here, so I just spray, spray, spray (oops! Forgive me if you oppose to spraying) and it's under control with that.

I have decided that this bed should just have deliciously fragrant roses, so that's why I picked Heirloom, DD and Julia Childs. JC is not as consistently fragrant as the other two but it can be very nice with its honey fragrance. I love its apple green leaves which always look so fresh and clean.

Oops! Is this still the hydrangea forum!? Sorry about this! LOL!

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