styrofoam or paper egg cartons for starting seeds

STROBE(zn 7b)May 13, 2003

i've made a discovery that using styrofoam egg cartons to start seeds work better than the paper ones! (even tho you can't plant the plastic ones directly into the ground) the plastic ones hold a lot more moisture than the paper ones which helps with frequent watering. so i just thought i would give my opinion.

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I second. But styrofoam is not P.C. here in California and all I find in the store is paper.

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Tom_Gibson(z6 CT)

Try placing your paper egg cartons in foil lasagna or roasting pans. Then add a quart of water and it will soak up into the carton and stay moist longer. Watering is much easier than trying to splash a few drops into each cup.

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mister_al(zone 7)

I grew all my seedlings in small (8 oz) styrofoam cups. You can get a pack of them at the Dollar store for a dollar.

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byron(4a/5b NH)

I use used yogurt containers with a hole drilled in bottom

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Karey1210(Zone 8)

What kinds of seeds did y'all grow in your egg cartons?? I am working on a lesson plan for diversity. An activity is growing different kinds of plants and flowers in an egg carton to show how different they are but they all can still live together. Any suggestions?

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elsier(z6 KY)

Tom, I like the idea of putting paper egg cartons in pans and letting them soak up water from below. But do the cartons get soggy and fall apart?

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anettemartinrn(z 8 SW AR)

i have also heard of growing seeds in eggshells. too messy for me, but to each his own.

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I too have used styrofoam cups and yogurt containers. I often save my styrofoam from my fountain dr. peppers I MUST HAVE daily and reuse them for seeds. Works great if you can keep em

Jules from Okla

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mycarbumps(Zone 6b E.TN)

i just buy a pack of 100 7oz plastic "solo" cups from k-mart. my beautiful g/f and i melt holes in the bottom with a nail held over a flame. they work great and since i just built a new light rack, i will be starting many seeds soon! good luck ~Ryan

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I found that egg cartons dried out too fast.I have used the plastic and styrofoam cups(recycled from my church) and really like them for tomatoes and plants that you grow on pretty big.I like to water from the bottom and use an ice pick heated on my electric stove to make holes in the plastic ones.Posy Pet

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wildrose_SoCal(SoCal, 9b)

I found egg cartons much too small. They shouldn't fall apart in water, at least not right away.

I have had good luck w/ TP rolls cut in half, or thirds. Holding 6 together with a rubberband makes a dandy 6-pak. I keep them in a foil tray and water them by pouring water into the tray. The cardboard stays damp for many days, wicking up from the tray. Then transplant the whole thing.

I find this easier than making newspaper pots. Have trained family to discard tubes into brown grocery bag. Maybe have a hundred so far. Spring is coming, will need to use them up before family gets wise as to qty and stops saving them. hee hee


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wildrose - I really like the idea of using the toilet paper cardboard rolls. do you put anything on the bottom of the roll or leave it open? I think I will have to try this process. Does the cardboard stay in-tact or does it seem to fall apart by the time they are ready to transplant? I am wondering if I combined the 6 rolls then divide again when putting into the ground for items like tomatoes that need to be spread out.

Thanks for the ideas!

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Hanna, some toilet paper rolls come unwound when wet. Check one before putting too much effort into it.

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I use the 18 pack Styrofoam egg cartons, poke holes in the bottom of each cell and set them into foil baking pan with 1/4" of water. the seed starting medium will soak up the water from the bottom. I have used the same egg cartons for the past few years. once the seeds start to sprout. prop the lids open a bit until all have sprouted. then once the seedlings have true leaves I transplant into 3" coir pots. using the foam cartons I can remove the seedlings easily with a plastic spoon as the soil they are started in does not stick to the foam.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

wildrose, I like that idea of using toilet paper / paper towel rolls cut to size, and banded together in a foil pan.

I'm assuming you put a mix of peat and perlite in there.

Spring is coming and for the first time in my life we have 1.5 acres on which to plant. YEP! We are fighting gophers, but we do have a concrete raised bed, and this is the first choice for my new seedlings.

Thanks for the idea!


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