Converting indoor bathtub to an indoor garden

gnomerMay 28, 2007

I have been struck with a zany idea that I'm hoping to get some advice on. I have a large garden tub (2.5' by 4') that I never use and I was thinking about turning it into an indoor garden. I could suspend grow lights from the ceiling and was going to line the tub with weed block and fill it up with soil. I am worried about soil going down the drain and was hoping that the weed block would prevent that from happening.

I am pretty new to gardening and have no idea if this would work, any advice or factors that I am not taking into account?

Thanks in advance!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'd be worried that the finish of the tub would be scraped, scratched, or otherwise damaged.

If you decide to do this, be SURE that you use a very coarse textured soil-less potting mix. You might want to add bark fines and perlite to your usual brand of potting medium.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

In the right spot....would be wonderful! I know someone who had a corner tub by a glass brick wall that they never ever used....the cat's little box lived in the tub. Wound have been great as a planter!
I would line the bottom of the tub with nylon net or something similar and close the drain. Then I would put about 6 inches of plastic packing peanuts in the bottom of the tub, cover them with a cotton fabric ( I wouldn't use landscape fabric as it eventually becomes clogged with fine soil particles) and add a soil less mix on top.
Water very carefully...being careful not to over water, and it ought to be good for 5 years...before it needs to be cleaned out...ugh!
Ever think of doing a water garden in your tub?
Linda C

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hi. This question was my question exactly! My tub is old cast-iron and just horrible disgustingly stained in some places. We tried epoxy paint but it came off. So now I want to do some kind of garden in there but there's not enough light and I don't want to stuff up the drain.

(As far as the light -- I have a shower curtain ring all around the tub, and no shower curtain, so I'm thinking I could hang utility lights on it somehow)

These are great suggestions. I'm wondering what a soil-less potting mix is, and if all plants can live in it? what should I look for? I assume you're not talking about something like perlite, which is a mess and I imagine could stuff up a drain as well as soil can?

As far as the possibility of a water garden -- it sounds great, but are you talking about putting the plants in containers filled with rocks, or filling the tub with rocks? I'm a little scared of keeping a tub full of water (we have waterbug-type cockroaches and are always exterminating)

Thanks for any suggestions made 5 years after original posts!

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