Powdery Mildew

MFIXSeptember 6, 2012

I fear that my endless summer may have been overrun by powdery mildew. At first, I thought the leaves were browning and becoming crisp because I had removed a tree from the bed that had become overgrown--but this tree had provided the hydrangea with dappled afternoon shade, so I thought the rapid increase in sun was to blame. Now, since I can see everything clearly in the sun, I see white powdery spots and leaves going purple and getting crisp. Should I do anything, or let it be? I have heard that powdery mildew will not kill, but this plant was put in this Spring, so I am not sure it can withstand it. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

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If the leaves are browning from the edges inswards, there is a soil moisture problem. If you have powdery mildew, there would be grayish or whiteish semicircular patches on the lower parts of the leaves with yellow and or purplish section above the leaf. See the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alabama Cooperative Extension System's Hydrangea Diseases

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