recap on leaf cuttings

Lenh(teesside,uk)June 16, 2004

Hi all

Just a recap on my Feb 04 posting.

I was excited about the leaf cuttings that I took but alas I am now disapointed.I would not like to waste other peoples time. hense this posting.

As I said back in Feb the leaf cuttings had an enormous root system but of approx 12 cuttings only three went on to develop a shoot,even though the leaf looked as if it was ok they eventually where not succesful.So unless I was desperate I would not waste my time.


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Hi Lenh
I have tried rooting sweet potato leaf cuttings.They are easy to root in water.For curiosity set some of the leaf petioles in cotton balls (puffs) and place in water.I found petioles with and without cotton balls get rooted,but ones in cotton balls get stronger roots.
Feel the joy of success.


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