Substitute for Greenleaves Bloom Juice

mkirkwag(Puget Sound)December 2, 2012

I have a Baby Bloomer, which is a small hobbyist kit - 10 pots in a container over a 6 gallon reservoir. I kept putting off switching to Bloom Juice, and realized that I've put it off so long that the tomato has bloomed but not fruited and the pea pods are practically hollow. At this point I realized that I'm actually out of Bloom Juice. I need to get some pretty quickly if I'm going to salvage this batch and I'm guessing that the local hydro place isn't going to have it.

Bloom Juice is the second part of a two part system - the first part being Grow Juice. Any suggestions for some common liquid nutrient brands that are good for the growing/fruiting phase in case I can't find Bloom Juice in town?

The plants are a tomato, a pea, and a passel of greens - chard, kale, basil, spinach, mustard spinach, lettuce (those can all be harvested, though - not worried about those.

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I think you'll need additional calcium and phosphorus while cutting back on your nitrogen. cal-mag is often spoken of here as a calcium source. Ammonium phosphate is a hi source of phosphorus. just be sure to buy water soluble.
I would try a greenhouse supplier or landscape supplier for that stuff.

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mkirkwag(Puget Sound)

Well, I ended up buy "Roots." Seems to be working, but the part I didn't think through was that I still have to use grow juice. I should have just bought bloom juice even though it's a little more expensive - it would cost less in the long run. Though I like that Roots is organic.

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I can't prefer Greenleaves Bloom Juice. My friends had used them before and it doesn't work great. But know a day he prefer advanced nutrients stuff for growth. Is it good?

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