Which Lavender sort should I plant?

boblaluxJune 30, 2013

Which lavender sort should I plant ?

For 10 years, we lived in the Midi of France, and planted Lavendula Angustifolia with success. Each year, using a copper alembic I distilled the oils from the blossoms (ca 1 L per year). No problems, and the plants thrived even in very dry periods, requiring absolutely no irrigation (as opposed to the olive trees).
We then moved to Burgundy, where I have continued planting/distilling, but the plants are not so happy. After the second year, we are still harvesting the blossom, but the centres of the plants are black. Too much rain and humidity, I think, although the sandy soil drains well.
We are now moving to the Alsace, which I suppose, has the same sort of humidity as here in the Burgundy.
Question: which sort of lavender should I plant, which best copes with the sort of rain/humidity to be expected in the Alsace?

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just saw this thread.

I don't think anybody on this part of gardenweb would know the answers, but there is a gardenweb europe site.

Being here in hot old Texas, I envy you being able to grow lavender at all!

Best luck!

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