Limelight spacing? Distance from house.

sue36(Z5 Maine)September 24, 2009

I purchased two Limelight a few days ago and plan to plant them at the back of my house. I want to plant them close enough that they aren't floating away from the house, but not so close that DH gets irritated with the shrub growing into the house. So, in zone 5 (southern Maine), in a strong sun area (west of house), in well drained soil (lots of sand was brought in when house was backfilled, loam is on top of that), any guesses on how wide a LL will get? How far from the house would you center the shrub? Thanks.

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It can get about 6' wide. Of course, if you place a new plant three feet away, it would look odd until it grows wider. You should also consider if your house foundation leeches lime and makes the soil alkaline too. That might force you to separate it a little more.

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sue36(Z5 Maine)

Thanks. Has anyone had issues with paniculatas being near foundations, in terms of lack of acidity? My soil is pretty acid (my ES are blue without any supplements).

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If it's not a freshly (3-4-5 y.old) built house leeching from the foundation shouldn't be a problem, however you should put center of the plant AT LEAST as far away from the wall as far is your overhang extends + 8-12". I'd say (for the Limelight) 4' away from the wall would be about proper distance.

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pegnj(6 central NJ)

I've always read that 2' should be left between the house and any shrubs - to allow for air circulation to prevent rot, and also to allow room to paint etc. So if the bush gets 6' wide, OC should be 5'.

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