what type of beans?

derek-growDecember 3, 2008

i'm looking for a type of green beans that bush instead of vine to grow hydroponically. does anybody have a ideal about a type to grow? my girlfriend doesn't eat alot of veggies and green beans is one kind she will eat. so i have to add some to my indoor garden if i can.

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Why not just use a vining variety and just train them to a wire "tree"?

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i have given that a thought. i'd rather fine a kind that bushes to make it easier. i may end up with vining bean, but i would rather not.

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The seed packet should say right on front "Bush Bean" or just "Bush". I too prefer the bush to the vine any day. I can't remember what the names of the ones I grew last time, but those key words are what I look for (along with disease resistant).

Good luck!

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i got on ebay and ordered some. i can't wait to get them in and in the rockwool. i'll have 6 types of tomatos, 2 types of peppers, leaflet lettuce, miniture head lettuce, herbs, and carots. potatoes if i had a huge pot to put 4 plants in.

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Have had excellent luck with Venture varity of green beans - available from Twilley Seeds and Parker. That variety keeps bearing all season. Expensive but well worth the money.

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