Best Hydroponic Tree?

sindromeDecember 15, 2008


I'm sorry for being new to this but I was thinking about trying to grow a hydroponic tree. Indoors.

It would be under a 250W or 400W metal halide, probably 6000k. I was hoping for an evergreen species as it will be grown purely for aesthetic reasons. If somebody would be kind enough to help me with a few questions I would really appreciate it.

(a) Do I stand any chance at all?

(b) What species of tree would I stand the best chance with? (Would a mangrove be cheating? Or how about a willow?)

(c) What do you do about algae in the illuminated, neutrient rich water? As I said, this is all for aesthetic reasons.

(d) Any special tips for the species that you suggest?

Thank you in advance and best wishes,


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That's a major undertaking. I've seen a banana tree grown hydroponically, but I think they just did it to say they could.
I think you'll want to grow a small tree with a shallow canopy. with only a 400w light, the bulk of that light will cover roughly a 3'x3' area and won't provide an extremely deep height of light (from the top leaves to the bottom)
As far as the algae goes, if you run some H2O2 through it periodically, that will do a good job of killing off the algae and cleaning up the appearance.

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