clipping of a pee gee tree & limelight

meadowgarden(zone 6 NY Longisland)September 4, 2008

IS there anyone willing to give me a clipping off their pee gee tree and or limelight. I bought a pee gee tree & limelight off the internet and unfortually when they grew it turned out to be another plants.. I contact the company and they will not return calls... So since I spent a fortune on these plants I was wondering if anyone would have a clipping... Thanks in Advance.

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The PeeGee in particular is a pretty common plant so perhaps you could look for one growing nearby and ask the owners if you could take cuttings? Keep in mind that not all cuttings take (generally it is less than a 30% success rate for most plants), so multiple cuttings would be in order. And it is also important to know that a PeeGee tree is simply trained that way and doesn't grow that way naturally - this is typically why they are quite expensive when buying online or even in a garden center. It takes a good number of years to train them into a tree form size that is big enough to sell.

I'm sorry you were "taken" by your internet experience:-( In the future, you might want to check with the Garden Watchdog to make sure mail order or online vendors are reputable and have good follow-through before ordering.

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If you paid for these purchases through paypal, you have recourse through them. You can begin a case against this seller. Log in to your paypal account and underneath the menu at the top - my account send money request money - there is a link entitled resolution center. Explain your problem in detail making note of email contact with the seller to try to resolve the problem. Paypal takes care of contacting the seller and gets their side of the story and typically makes a determination within a couple of weeks. Good luck.

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