Dwc question for a beginner

hydronutzzzDecember 21, 2013

Hey guys...have a quik question about my lettuce raft!
Wondering how far below the styrofoam the net pots should protrude? Also wondering if when I transfer my seedlings into the raft if they go at the bottom of the pot? Or should I put some hydroton on first? Please note that I am propagating in rockwool...bit confused as to weather the roots should be slightly growing out of the rockwool before I out into the raft? Also wondering if the rockwool is at the bottom of the pot will it suck up to much water And not allow aeration to the roots properly as the seedling grows??? Any feed back would be awesome

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There needs to be an air gap between the roots and the nutrient. That can be accomplished by lowering your nutrient and planting deep in the pot or by adding a medium and planting higher in the pot. The important thing is the air gap be present. I start all of my seeds in rock wool with a few bits of hydro ton in the bottom as soon as the roots emerge it can go into the system. If you are running vigorous air ration the roots don't even have to touch the nutrient.

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I have just posted a photo in another section, but I will post it again. The roots should not be totally submerged in the nutrient solution or they will drown, rot, and die.
Allow only about 1/4" in the bottom of the pot to have nutrient solution, as the plant grows it will throw down more roots chasing the nutrient solution and at the same time allowing oxygen to be available to the roots. Google KRATKY method of hydroponics and see the history and success growing leafy vegetables.

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Thanks guys appreciate the feedback :)

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