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Lenh(teesside,uk)June 26, 2004


I wonder if any one noticed the posting on the propagation forum by a New Zealand guy named Ross on July03

I know it is a year old but I am not usually on that forum and think it worth a mention here

Basicaly it is propergating in a fish tank using water and the plants floating. to long to go into details here but worth a look at Rosco's posting complete with pictures.

Very little has been done to try out differant plant and shrub cuttings

So I have gone ahead in a clear plastic container complete with fish tank pump and stone minus a heater pad,heat approx 75deg

I have tried 2 of each shrub or plant with the following

acer rubrum.rhodendron.peiris.duetzia.ceanothus.spirea.indigofera.phlox sublata.hebe.hydranger.rose eyepaint.neilia.abelia.

The results should show in 4 to 5 weeks time,will post the results here



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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

How lucky can I get! I remember the post but forgot where & when I had read it. I took some pieces of styro foam sheets, drilled holes in them & floated them in a large plastic saucer. Put in cuttings of Rex Begonias On June 11th. There are no signs of roots, but the top growth is still ok. This past week I've put in some Mum tips & they too are still perky but I don't expect any signs of growth for a while. I have high hopes for my slips & hope your experiment suceeds too!And thanks for posting this thread.

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