Is Landscape Fabric Ok to Use?

janegael(6a CT)September 24, 2008

I have a roll of landscape fabric that I bought last year to help prevent weeds. I've never used it but have a new Endless Summer in a small bed that I would like not to have to weed.

My question is if the fabric will prevent the bush from getting enough moisture or in any way harm the bush?

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It probably depends on how big of an area is covered by the fabric, how much water is supplied when you water the plant, how much of the water makes it to the plant roots, etc. Since roots tend to chase minerals and water, the shrub might grow and concentrate roots near the area where there is sufficient water for the roots to develop and thrive. The further away from this area, the less "active" roots. It is possible that in future years, the plant's health may decline if the roots stay where water is near but exhaust the available minerals from that limited area. You could compensate by removing the fabric, fertilizing under it and putting it back yearly. If you do that then all you have to worry about is the roots' tendency for staying close to where they can get to the water. Think: root bound potted plants.

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