Bombshell Hydrangea

NatsuSeptember 7, 2011

Anyone growing Bombshell hydrangea? Stopped at home depot today and purchased six bombshell hydrangea at 50% off. Two gallon plants for nine bucks each in bloom, clean leaves, two feet tall.

There are two videos of Bombshell hydrangea on youtube neither of which look like the plant i have. This plant is supposed to be upright from all the photos i have seen loaded with blooms. The ones i have are more like mounding dwarf limelights a little drooping of the branches.

Does anyone know the fall leaf color of this plant?

If anyone has this one does it really bloom like the claims state?

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Buttercupia has one and stan6 was going to get one. See if you can send them a GardenwebMail.

Does your shrub look like or has looked like one in the link below?

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Thanks for responding luis_pr, the ball hort picture is what came on the tag.The bombshells i purchased had a few blooms,ball horts picture show it loaded with blooms on every branch and upright.Looking at these i would say the stems are more red and it's habit is more sprawling.Parchment white flowers no pink tinge, that revert to a dull green went spent.
These are twice the size of what was in ball horts promo photo.I'm sure it's not mislabeled hopefully the stems will grow more upright.I will try to email Buttercupia thanks.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

What the...I can't even find those dang things locally. They sold out so quickly.

There are alot of people doubting this plant will top out at 3'.

The red stems make me think Quickfire.

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I bought one from a local nursery recently. Half of it was already pruned and just had a few blooms left on it. I did see this hydrangea a couple months ago that the same nursery and it looked amazing - full of lovely blooms! I am excited to see it next year in my garden. I hope it looks just as amazing again.

So far the leaf colour is still dark green. I have no idea if it is supposed to change. And the few long branches left on mine are upright.

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I have planted 'Bombshell" over the past 3 years with average satisfaction.They looked nice the first year considering they were new plants. The second and third years they were very droopy and did not bloom as the picture shows thought they do get a rosey late season color.I had a lot of problems with some unsightly leaf spot and twig die0-back this year perhaps due to the early heat and drought stress we had here in Ohio, thought they did get watered regularly.I have planted all told, 50-6- in different areas and conditions.I have begun switching them all out for 'Little Lime'.

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