Tardiva hydrangea

Romainx87September 1, 2013

Hello :-)

At lowes, I've picked up 2 tardiva hydrangea tree forms. They were marked half off because them seem to be pretty neglected. This is my first year gardening, but I've learned hydrangeas are pretty tough, so figured they would bounce back! Problem is, the branches are really bent over to one side, and alot of branches seem to be dead. It does have flowers on it, some are brown, leaves are mostly only of the top, and the bottom looks pretty sparse. I would like to plant it soon, and was wondering if its okay to prune back the dead branches before planting? Or should I wait until its dormant in the ground and then trim, or just leave it be until spring? Also, when pruning this plant in general, how far back should it be trimmed from the main stem?

Thank u greatly for any help and info in advance ^_^

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You can prune off dead or dried out branches at any time. The browned out flowers can be deadheaded since after all, it is more important to develop a good root system on the first or first few years. Just do not fertilize it. Instead provide it with soil that is as evenly moist as you can (no periods of dryness, followed by moist soil, followed by dry again).

If your temps are still quite high, consider keeping it in bright shade & planting in the ground once the temps go down...keep it well watered until then..

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Thank you :-)

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