WANTED: Wanted; pomegranate that bears fruit in our humidity

bigoledude(SE Louisiana)June 4, 2007

The reason I have posted here is because, Pomegranates have not done so well here in SE Louisiana. It seems they are not too fond of high humidity and or wet feet.

Some local "experts" have informed me that I would stand a much better chance of success if I managed to get a plant or cutting from a Pomegranate grown in a similar environment. Of course, from a tree that reliably sets fruit.

I am willing to be very generous in this trade. We are just rebuilding from the flood of hurricane Katrina and I would love to have 1 or 2 Pomegranates in the new yard.

I have the following plants to offer;

Several amaryllis, sun tolerant caladiums, parsley,

Sago palm pups, rain lilies, fig cuttings, Mondo grass, Liriope, Aztec grass, Asian Jasmine cuttings, Sweet potato vine cuttings(ornamental)

Seeds I have;

Tomato; Better Boy, Super Sweet 100, Cherokee Purple (Heirloom),

Black From Tula (Heirloom), MariannaÂs Peace (Heirloom), RIESENSTRAUBE, KELLOGGS BREAKFAST

2 Bitter Melons, 3 Asian cucumbers, 6 sweet peppers, 2 summer squash (bush) 3 summer squash (vines), 3 eggplants, 4 melons, New Zealand and Malabar spinach

I have an even larger list of cool-season vegetable seeds. Please send me an email if you are interested.

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I live in Baker, Louisiana and am slowly turning my back yard into a grove of various fruit trees. 'Wonderful' seems to be a very common variety grown in Louisiana. Seems like no variety is perfect because of our humidity, and soil type. I planted mine as a 3ft bush in Feb 2008 in a sandy well drained area. I suspect if you can find or make a well drained area you might be successful. I will try hand pollinating as well. Incorporating sand along a natural ridge in your landscape might be helpful. I will try to remember to let you know how mine does.

Here is a link that might be useful: my website

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Just about to plant a "wonderful" pomegranate that I picked up at a local nursery in slidell. Hoping to have some luck. Have you found out much information on people that grow locally?

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susana_mc(8a Jackson MS)

I just joined gardenweb, and saw your listing. I bought several pomegranates from a man from Louisiana at the Truck Crop Experimental Station fall vegetable show in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. I've been growing them in Jackson Ms and got a dozen pomegranates from them last year. Delicious!

The man who sold them said they take 4 years to produce fruit, but they are worth the wait! I am starting some cuttings right now from stump sprouts. If they root I could let you know.

The 'Wonderful' should be good if that nursery in Slidell can be trusted. The one I have is not a wonderful but is a little lighter in color of the aril (the juicy part around the seed). It is absolutely wonderful, tho!

Anyway, hope you had luck with your pomegranates!

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I have aPomegranate Tree It bears massive amounts of fruit but unfortunatly our weather in London is not suitable to eat. But the flowers and the fruit is an amasing display .Iam triyng to find an other tree so far no luck

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A guy named Ray sells them in Metairie. You can find his number on the new orleans craigslist under farm and garden or the hollygrove market.He has better variety than wonderful he has sharp velvet , red
sash, and pink satin. buy one that has a flower already on it.

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