Crispy Blushing Bride

DigginlifeSeptember 8, 2012

My Blushing Bride Hydrangea is frying in in its current location.It looks good for 3 weeks in the spring than turns crispy even with extra waterings with all the sun it gets. Is it worth moving it to another spot or is this is common of the BB no matter how much sun it gets....Was also wondering if anyone can suggest another flowering bush or something relatively the same size that would do better in that much sun ... TY.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

The summer sun is usually stronger and more troublesome. It sounds like it needs more shade and therefore another location. In their common habitats, hydrangeas prefer morning sun and afternoon shade. How many hours of sun are they taking in their current location? Over here in Texas, they also do well in Spring but, by the summertime (late May, June-August), they need shade starting around 12pm-ish or else they fry. You can add some shade protection now and transplant when dormant. Or transplant now. Paniculata hydrangeas can withstand more sun in the northern states; I mean more than the BB-type macrophyllas.

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Thanks for the reply ! During late spring and summer that spot gets at least 6 hrs sun..Thats def my problem with it and will find a new home for it ..As to the empty spot I'll have after I dig this up .Besides hydrangeas any other ideas for some thing that will flower and do good there, around that size or bigger?

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

6 hours of sun will allow you to grow many of the full sun plants... the term means 6 hours of sun or more. Have you looked at Rose of Sharon and Hollies? Roses may also work if you have 6 hours of sun or more. Experiment with some rhododendrons like the Iron Clads.

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I have rose of sharon in that garden already :) IM gonna take ur advice and look into roses ..Or just might end up redoing the whole garden tttttttttyvm :)

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limelight or little lime hyd. can take the sun

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

I love Limelight but I would choose another paniculata in that area. I like the green immature look of its blooms but Limelight tends to change from green to white quick in locations with a lot of sunlight. If the locations gets more shade with less height, you could try Little Lime. I would look into PeeGee (aka, Grandiflora; handles lots of sunlight well; can be pruned any time except before blooming time in June), Quick Fire (very hardy; tough, early flowering), Pink Diamond (starts white; turns nice shades of pink and fast), Unique (large panicles), Pinky Winky (as white blooms turn pink, white blooms are still opening up) and others. Paniculatas can get quite tall. Some 10 to 12' and PeeGee can be purchased tree-like. There some new "dwarf" paniculatas to check too: Little Lime, Little Lamb, Bobo, Bombshell, etc. Ah, decisions, decisions....

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thanks everyone for the suggestions ..I'm liking the peegees and roses idea ..Kinda a colored themed garden (blues, purples, pinks,and whites) I never realized how much sun this location got.I picked the worst spot for 4 hydrangeas(B.B and some nikkos) Think Im gonna be doing a lot of moving :(

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