Propagating Strawberries for fall

puzzlefan(5)July 4, 2007

It is almost impossible to transplant newly set runners during late summer or fall and have them survive. It can be done but it is a lot of work. So this year when needing a new bed, I have tried something new. As the old plants have sent out new runners I have picked the best looking and "planted" them in peat pots adjoining the old plants. When they have grown well, I will cut the new plants off the old ones and put the peat pots in the new bed. Hopefully they plants will feel less disturbed and thrive.

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anney(Georgia 8)

I think that's a good idea. Actually, you wouldn't have to use peat pots (some people hate them) but anything as temporary containers, as long as they had sufficient drainage and good soil. I'm thinking of styrofoam or plastic cups, which a lot of people use to grow seedlings in anyway.

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What are my chances?

I had a small strawberry area this year with a couple of main plants that had many new runners this year. I transplanted a couple of the plants and put them in large clay pots. A half dozen or so of the runners went in smaller clay pots (they had set themselves in the ground) and I got the whole root ball.

By September I plan to transplant them into a shady area along the north side of my house that I had used as a compost area. 2'X12'. Then I will cover them with leaves, grass, and maybe a top layer of straw for the winter and then move them to a new bed come spring. I am not after crop but rather want to use the plants as hangers in a rock garden wall to be built in the late fall.

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I transplanted 60 new plants in mid to late August. My new bed is thriving! I misspoke, I used cocoa noir pots, not peat pots.

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